Putin Caught Surfing With Ron Johnson

Vladimir Putin and alleged Russian asset Ron Johnson surf in recently liberated Odessa. Next stop Kyiv!

With Russia’s something-other-than-victories piling up in the something-other-than-war in Ukraine, it was no surprise that President for Life Vladimir Putin should let off some steam by surfing in newly liberated Odessa. The image has caused some dissonance in Russia, however, where news of the liberation of Odessa has been laid out in newspaper galleys for months, but has not been officially announced.

Disclaimer: Forensic videographers for AR press have analyzed the above picture and conclusively determined that it is a photo-jpeg that has been color-corrected in Adobe Photoshop. EXIF data confirms that it was last edited on March 24, 2022. President Putin’s whereabouts were unknown at this time, so we conclude that the above image must be genuine.