Russian Military Drops Limb Requirement

In an attempt to bolster recruitment, the Russian military has dropped the requirement for soldiers to have a complete set of limbs.

A one-armed Russian soldier uses an anti-tank weapon as artillery.

As the July 15 deadline for conscripts to register nears, it is becoming increasingly clear that not one region of Russia will deploy even half of its expected number of conscripts. Results from the end of June suggest Oblasts like Voronezh and Kursk – places near the Ukraine – have the highest number of no-shows.

The troop shortage is compounded by the extremely high casualty rates among the 100,000 Donbas males who were press-ganged into service.

In addition to recruiting the limbless and the lame Russian authorities are reaching out to hobos, alcoholics and schizophrenics.

Sadists and murderers will remain incarcerated in order to harass political prisoners.

In unrelated news, T24 tanks have reputedly been sited near Melitopol. If true, they would have been in storage since World War II and probably built in the 1920s. Their appearance has led some pundits to suggest that the Battle of the Donbas is moving on from its WWI style to something more sinister.

T24 Tanks were widely used in 1920s. They were particularly prized by Chinese warlords.

Disclaimer: the limb requirement joke may well be true. The link appears to be actual Russian propaganda. The T24 joke is not true, at least not yet.