Governor Abbott: Race to Bottom Won

Ted Cruz begins with the observation that the number of males dying in childbirth in Texas is now at a record low, and then launches into his stump speech about how universal health care is a moral hazzard.

Suddenly the crowd errupts in a chorus: “Rip it out! Rip it out!”

The man beside me – and evangelical Christian farmer – leans over to me and says with a sly smile, “Forced hysterectomies are like red meat to Texas Republicans.”

Governor Abbott declared the ‘Race to the Bottom Won” at a rally for Senator Corcoryn last Saturday. The Senator Senator – trying to avoid the appearance of any kind of positive political action during his unexpectedly competitive reelection bid, eschewed the spotlight, opting instead to sip beer and smile on stage in a chair behind Governor Abbott. The President, who had been invited, was not pressing because of a pressing engagement at his Bedminister golf course.

The event was staged in the burnt out wreckage of a recently exploded Houston chemical factory to assist Senator Corcoryn in his struggling quest for re-election.

“Competition was stiff – Bangladesh nearly matched us for deaths in child birth and Louisiana was nipping at our heels for the execution of innocents, and Mexico has still edge us out in childhood obesity ().

“Have some Doritos Governor!” (Sound of gunfire)

“But I think it was Covid that put us over the top. Thanks to the Corona virus we now have world-beating community health and homelessness crises. But let me be clear – these crises are not just dumb luck they are the result of years of planning and business-friendly legislation.”

The Governor then symbolically signed two pieces of legislation, one commemorating the execution of Rodney Reed … signalling the Republican commitment to be both tough on real and alleged crime.

The other explicitly excluding Texas citizens making less than $100 per week from receiving supplemental unemployment insurance from the federal government. THe Governor then ceded the stage to Senator Cruz

Striking a pose in front of the red and black Riding the Storm flag that was waving lustily in the soft evening breeze, a show of pageantry that would have made Leni Refinstahl proud, the Junior Senator began on a strong note,

“Are there any Objectivists in the house?”

“Huzzah!” “Fuck the poor!” (Sound of gunfire)

“I’m going to get serious for a moment. Its easy to see that our victory is simply the result of greed.”

“Greed is good! Greed is good!” (Sound of gunfire)

Its also the result of negligence and willful ignorance. Do you think I could claim that childbirth is not life threatening if I’d read any medical literature on the topic? Of course not. Do you think I could advocate explicitly excluding the poorest Texans from receiving unemployment relief if I had looked at the problem head on. Of course not! I’m far too pious! Instead I looked the other way.

The Senator concluded, his weak chin positively quivering with emotion, “As our health and economic crises continue over the next year you’re going to have to do

Death in childbirth, African Americans in Texas versus Bangladesh, Western Europe

Gini index – scatter plot

Educational outcomes


Childhood poverty rates

Health Insurance costs versus life expectancy


Disposable income

Taxes plus health insurance

Image – Abbott as “Storm Ranger”


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