Putin Endorses R

Dana Rohrabacher

Vladimir Putin’s biggest ally in Congress, Republican Dana Rohrabacher,  got a big boost today when Vladimir Putin endorsed his campaign for the House of Representatives.

A Putin endorsement brings a lot to a candidate.  Its not as big in California as it is in states like Georgia which don’t have auditable voting machines.

Who are the treason Republicans?

<span class=”treason”>First, to be clear there’s no proof of treason on the part of the treason Republicans, the epithet is just a matter of perspective. Anyway, the treason faction is comprised of roughly three camps, those directly influenced by Vlad Putin, like Rohrabacher; those intent on destroying the political norms which have kept America together since the Civil war, for example Mitch McConnell. And those, who have benefited from alleged collusion, like justice Gorsuch. </span>

Some Republicans, for example the President, arguably fall into all three categories.

The Democrat campaign had nothing on the record to say about the development, though one campaign worker, on condition of anonymity said, “WTF? Putin is a former KGB officer. How is this race even competitive?”