Photoshop Didn’t Exist Back Then So Of Course These Photographs Are Real

Sally Field, The Fifth Beatle

Although it was common knowledge in 1966, few people today remember that Sally Field was the fifth Beatle. In this rare photograph Ms. Field makes a cameo appearance on the set of A Hard Day’s Night.

Richard Nixon Plays Drums at Altamont

Many liberals remember President Nixon as an incarnation of the devil, few are aware that he was on-stage at the Altamont Music Festival during the Rolling Stone’s infamous performance of Sympathy for the Devil.

Jackie B’ Discovers Herself at Woodstock

After her husband was tragically murdered, Jackie Kennedy (né Bouvier) went into an extended period of mourning. It wasn’t until almost 4 years later, during the Summer of Love, that she came out of her shell and once again embraced life to the fullest.

Disclaimer: This is a bawdy joke but there is no intention to be disrespectful to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Please let the AR editor know if you find this joke offensive.

Abraham Lincoln Plays with a Van de Graaff Generator

The high voltage created by a Van de Graaf generator causes your hair to stand on end when you touch one. Because they generate little power this can be done safely.

On July 10, 1864, 8 year old Nikola Tesla celebrated his birthday by visiting the White House. The mood was grim. The previous day 2,000 soldiers (Confederate and Union) had paid the ultimate sacrifice at an inconclusive battle at Monocacy. President Lincoln was despondent because more needless deaths were imminent. But for one magical hour on that dark day the Serbian-American genius charmed President Lincoln with his wit and fantastical toys.