There’s Never Been a Better Time to be Pretty

There’s never been a better time to be pretty: Cindy is a natural blonde with sparkling blue eyes and a sun-shinny disposition. Her rose-tinted lips pout into a frown as she reflects on how much more difficult it was, before now, to be pretty. “You know in my Mom’s time the producers spanned a narrow range from Blake Edwards to Jeromy …? I mean those producers predominantly interested in showcasing prettiness. And now? You can have your own Youtube Channel, send feeds to Instagram Followers and get curated on Reddit.

One of the best things for pretty women is all the rich men out there.

Sociologists agree. With class structure not this unequal for centuries, the number of obscenely wealthy men, making it a seller’s market for the naturally pretty.

Siohan Monaghan coyly bites her lower lip, giggles effervescently and elaborates. “The 90s were worst for redheads. We were always just the third item in the collection of some energy billionaire asshole, and always ranked after the blonde and brunette.

Of course the supply and demand problem does cut both ways. With recent improvements in plastic surgery and our understanding of nutrition there are more pretty women out there than ever before.

Aniyah Letisha – her hair full of more natural bounce that I ever dreamed possible – concurs

Others disagree. Chantelle, her pale skin flushed with a delicate sheen of perspiration sighs with ennui while noting that “Theodora had the riches of Byzantium at her finger tips as well as half the Palace Guard. No pretty woman now can come close to that. “