Dawn Raid Rocks Comp Lit World

Dawn raid on graduate programs throughout  USSpurious ideas are protected by first amendmentHowever driving people to suicide is not.  // can’t call fire in a theater
Deleuze: A particular thing is defined by an infinite number of properties … false! color limited by electro magnetic spectrum, weight and mass by available matter. Argument that things can’t be quantified when they demonstrably can.
Republicans supported this, seeing an opportunity to suppress the vote of liberals.
Hundreds of thousands of graduate students released from a nightmare.  “You mean it really is bullshit?” 

So a blocked concept ‘chair’ would be one that only involved a limited number of predicates – say, ‘has four legs’ and ‘can be sat on’. That blocked concept is useless when I want to get you to get the chair with the blue back among a stack of black ones. If we accept Deleuze’s assumptions that a particular thing is determined by an infinite set of properties, then a blocked concept never satisfactorily corresponds to a particular object.”