Most Cavemen Prefer a Modern Diet

Without a doubt, today’s hottest food fad is the Caveman diet, which involves eating like a Paleolithic hunter gatherer on the theory that humans haven’t evolved since the stone age.

Modern humans debate hotly about the diet. But what about cavemen?  Today that question was answered. In a charming followup to the story about the defrosting of a village of cavemen flash frozen 15,000 years ago. This week’s National Geographic features a cover story that a nutritional survey of these Cavemen revealed a marked preference for modern food.

“Many of you think roast auroch with fennel sauce when you think Caveman food, and you may be right about that, at least for special occasions. But you’re leaving out the grubs, moss and bark, which made up far more of my diet than you think” notes village elder, Ug, while tugging his long, white knotted beard.

Photo: The Goddess, with Wilma Flintstone’s head

Cover Caveperson Big Moma prefers Popeyes chicken with a 32 ounce sized soda over anything she could eat in the Wisconsin Ice Age.

“Sometimes I miss raw field mice, but mostly its Dorritos and Heineken for me”

I prefer high fructose corn sugar.

I’ve eaten nothing but ketchup chipotle nachos since I was defrosted adds Una.

I prefer WOMAN pipes in Urg, who is serving an 6-8 term sentence for assault.