Vulcan Outlaws Mind-Melds With Minors

Although these days its the Vulcan Heavy Metal scene that’s in the news, legal issues dominate Earth’s relationship with Vulcan behind the scenes.

The so-called “Holden Locket” suggests that Vulcans were conducting mind-melds with human children over 100 years before first contact.

When the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal to Louisiana Human Batteries vs. the Coalition Against Cognitive Poverty, it inadvertently made mind-melds the subject of state legislation.

Unfortunately, many southern states having weak – to non-existent – protections for minors.

Its an irony that the state of Florida will go to the wall to protect young boys from the seductive influence of mascara and sequined dresses and yet will do nothing NOTHING AT ALL to protect them from mind-melds.

Why are mind-melds illegal at all?

The problem is sublimation. Vulcans are notorious for repressing their baser instincts. This can lead to serious perversion under the super-ego hood. Have you ever seen the mosh pits at Vulcan heavy metal concerts?