Does George Will Have Bloviatus?

When I was growing up, the definition of bloviation was George Will explaining why people of his class should pay less tax. So I, along with my liberal, progressive and astrologist friends, was surprised when I heard the rumor that Will’s bloviation wasn’t because he is an insufferable ass but rather because he is infected with bloviatum bacillium, the so-called journalist’s bacterium.

Bloviatum is one of the lamer flesh-eating bacterium. It eats the “editorial” part of the fore-brain, but leaves the self-assurance part alone. Its effects are barely noticeable in most populations. Poll any random sample of people about dangling participles, for example, and … well you know where this is headed.

Its effect on journalists can be severe, causing endless repetition of the same ideas, and the excessive use of subordinate clauses (and parenthetical statements).

Bloviatum bacillium (iStock)

Mr. Will is under treatment in an undisclosed private hospital. Recent opinion pieces penned by him suggest he is still unwell.

Disclaimer: This is a joke based on the fact that George Will is the only person in the world to use the word bloviation, and it kind of applies to his own writing. The bacterium illustrated above is gonorrhea.