America & India to Exchange Dreams

Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and United States Secretary of State Mike Pompadeo met today in New Delhi to formally exchange national dreams. Going forward, America’s national dream will be that socio-economic status (caste) determines your life while India’s new national dream will be that honesty, hard-work, perseverance and common sense will be rewarded with a comfortable middle-class lifestyle.

The exchange was first conceived of by the House National Socialist caucus, a group of conservative Republicans. Notes Thomas Fang (S.C. 23), one of their members, “Our policies over the past few cycles have been laser-focused on increasing the wealth and power of the upper-class at the expense of the middle and lower classes. The old American dream didn’t work for us anymore.”

He takes a moment to give a nickel to an unemployed tool and die maker before continuing, “And then serendipitously one of my IT subcontractors was telling me about how his country, India, was looking for a new national dream. So I phoned up a buddy down at the State Department and before you know it, America has a new dream.”

Although most foreign policy wonks were pleased by the exchange of dreams, taking it as a sign of a deepening American/Indian alliance, one journalist who covered the event commented, “Y’know the whole ceremony was kind of sad because it wanted to be aspirational and couldn’t be. It was impossible not to see it as just another emblem of American decline.”