Apocalypse Review


The Apocalypse Review was first conceived of in 1990, which at that time was the hottest year of the Anthropocene. The original idea was to create an Utne Reader style compendium of research, anecdotes and art-work related to humans’ annihilation of our planet.  This spirit of nihilism has certainly been justified: in the 29 years since the first discussions about this project, 23 years have have exceeded 1990’s heat record,  the majority of the Earth’s wildlife has been killed because of habitat destruction, our oceans are loosing oxygen at a catastrophic rate and entire food chains have become contaminated with plastic. Worse, the will to act in the United States has actually declined because of pernicious misinformation campaigns, and the resistance of fossil-fuel industry shills like Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jim Inhofe to constructive change.

The current implementation of the AR project is somewhat different from the original idea. We have purchased the domain names surrealclearpolitics.com, opacityinternational.org, theshill.us, brainfart.us and americansforplutocracy.org (among others) and are slowing working up an eco-system of political parody sites which satirize echo-chamber politics. The idea is that stories on AR, a parody of news sites like fivethirtyeight.com and the Upshot, at the NY Times, will reference stories on a parody think-tank site (AmericansForPlutocracy.org), which will reference a parody University research site (UniversityOfMedicineHat.org), which will parody a political activist site (BrainFart.us), which will refer back to the original story at AR. Only the ApocalypseReview.com is active now (actually, in the final stages of editing and beta-testing). SurrealClearPolitics.com will go live next, followed by AmericansForPlutocracy.org. We need your support in order for these other parody sites to go live. Professional graphics and computer infrastructure costs $$. Kindly consider donating to our Patreon site Apocalypse Review at Patreon.