The revolution may not have been televised but the Apocalypse is being live-streamed.

ApocalypseReview.org is the fulcrum of an ecosystem of political parody sites which include:

The idea is to create a parody of echo-chamber politics. A story on AR (a parody of fivethirtyeight.com) may reference a story on a SurrealClearPolitics.com (a parody of RealClearPolitics.com) which cites AmericansForPlutocracy.org (a parody of the think-tank Americans for Prosperity) which references a comment on BrainFart.us (Breitbart), which refers back to the original story at AR. Brief essays on climate change, human rights disasters and corruption will be interleaved with our parodies. As our name suggests, this is a publication born of despair not hope.

The business model of these sites is more portfolio than media empire, though income is critical to making the final product professional: our designers required access to media libraries, our developers need good hardware and our writers need proof readers and editors. Beyond the goal of making our readers laugh, there is an additional goal of providing intelligent commentary on current events, something desperately needed when most of the world’s editorial content is controlled by a handful of billionaires, many of whom run the countries their media empires report on. When our jokes are based on actual events, citations are provided. When the content is pure parody this is indicated in footnotes and disclaimers.

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We can be contacted at editor@apocalypsereview.com.